We have 17 clubs in the school. Clubs listed below are very active and it really help the students to learn more in the area of their interest.

Our Clubs
Arts Club
The main purpose of the arts club is to promote talents among the students, in music, dance, drawing, painting and acting.
IT Club
In this era we cannot imagine a world without Information Technology. IT Club was formed to help the students understand the educational possibilities and future advancement in the IT field. Students are given chance to participate in the Animation, Hardware training and Web page development classes conducted by IT@ School. Our Students also bagged prizes in the Interdistrict IT competitions..
Science Club

The purpose of the club is to develop the talents of the students in science. Science quiz, Science talent search etc. are conducted by the Science Club. School conducts Quiz competitions regularly. Winners will participate in sub revenue district level competition.
Magazine Club
Magazine club is formed to improve and develop writting and reading talents in students. School publishes one magazine every year. School Magazine talks about all the happenings in the school of that year.
Friends Club
For the purpose of preparing the students mentally, spiritually and physically; to survive in this everchanging modern world, the Friends Club was created. Classes and seminars by eminent speakers on topics like Reproductive health, mental stress issues faced by teenagers and abuses against women and children have been conducted to improve awareness amongst the students. The Friends club functions with the help of funds from educational loans.
Mathematics Club
This club was started with the goal of improving the mathematical interest and capabilities of the students and has been functioning quite successfully. The winners of the school level maths competitions were made to compete with other students in the sub district level. Competitions like Geometrical Chart, Mathematical Puzzle, Chart working model and Applied Construction Projects were conducted.
Nature Club
The nature club was started to increase environmental awareness among the students. Activities like cleaning of the school premises and celebration of Environmental Awareness day was undertaken by the Nature Club on June 5th. Oct 1-8 was celebrated as Service Week in connection with Gandhi Jayanthi. The club along with the help of Krishi Bhavan have planted vegetables in the school premises.
Lab Lab
Social Science Club
The club was started to enhance the students interest in social subjects and to educate them about their duties to their society. Many competitions like quiz competitions, working model,local history writing, Atlas making was conducted during the Social Science Festival as part of Independence Day celebrations.
Traffic Club
Text about Traffic Club comes here.
Students Police Cadets Club
The S.P.C Club has been functioning with the help of Kottayam West Club and Exercise department.The club has won prizes during the parades held on Republic day.With the help of the Department of Agriculture a Nature camp was conducted at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Many of our children have also got selection to the Thrissur Kerala Police Academy state camp.
Health Club
A health club is functioning in the school. The objective is to develop among the students the habit of personal cleanliness and maintaining good healthy habits.
English Club
CMS School language lab has ample scope for listening to the English languages aw well as it application in real life situations. The student come across more cavity and more communication strategies. It helps to maintain interns and more involvement is achieved through stater freedom.
Social Service League Club
Intention of social service league is to create awareness amoung students about our surroundings and each others living conditions. School receives uniforms, text books, note books etc from Cathedral church. Club support bright students who cannot afford day to day expenses. Club also takes care of the expense of students who needs medical support. Charity boxes is placed in each class from which it gets money to support the needy.
Library Club
The Library Club was formed to inculcate reading habits and broaden the educational horizons of the students. The club took part in the All Kerala reading competition, and also celebrated the Reading Week and Teachers day. The Library keeps copies of leading daily newspapers like The Hindu, Mathrubhumi, Malayala Manorama as well as magazines and literary publications for students.
Literary Club
The objective is to give better language proficiency to the students & to improve their communicative skill.
ECO Club - Nature Awareness Club
The main purpose of the club is to cultivate and promote among the students an eco friendly attitude & love of nature, thereby developing a desire to plant more trees to preserve greenery.
Quiz Club
Under the direction of the DEO the Quiz Club under the name of Kalikam conducted quizzes every month. Our children received prizes in the Aksharamuttom quiz competition conducted by Deshabhimani newspaper publication.
Work Experience Club
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